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This website will let you hire me, work on your project, and knowing all about my highlights for the last 4 years.

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About Me

I solve problems and I know how to deal with them



I’m 25 years old Moroccan Web developer/Marketer based in Fribourg, a bachelor’s degree in IT, I spent the last 4 years working and helping digital businesses to improve, innovate, and to scale.

I believe that ‘Communication brings solutions’, means that we need to sit down with each other the whole team, discuss every detail we have in the business, as easy as that we can bring many solutions to the table, strategize them to a real plan and starting the actions with full harmony in the team,  most important thing I care about :

  • My team.
  • Our clients.
  • Income of the business I’m working with.
  • The mission of the business.
  • Staying and dominating the market.
  • Analyzing Competitors.
+ Finished projects
+ Happy customers
+ Working hours
+ Cup of coffee

IT Projects Process

Here is my strategy with any digital project I will work in :

  • Discuss the project

    “The First Sit Down” :

    The first thing we need to do is to sit down with each other, we must discuss what kind of IT problems you are facing in your business ? Which solutions did you try before, and didn’t work ? And last not least, what do you expect from me?

  • Planning and Expectations

    “The plan” :

    After discussing the problems, now its the time to have a plan to action which will lead us to the results we want and also its the time to choose which technology we will use.

  • Actions and Modification :

    “The results” :

    If its a one person project or a whole team project, in this phase you will see your IT project is going on to be a real project, for example as a web developer, your website will be online and ready for your costumer with all your services and products, we must test it first and see others feedback if there is anything need change, then you will end up with your project ready to be used and to get you the results you want.


Marketing Projects Process

The process of experts that will bring your enterprise sales and customers :

  • Discuss the vulnerabilities

    “Q&A” :

    The best thing about a marketing project is the first session, which is diagnostic of your current situation in your business, and we will start by questions, for example: “Whats your biggest challenges you have in marketing ? Are you preparing for any offers ? Do you have an email list ? How many people you have in social media ? How do you treat them ?…” many questions that will lead us to the right solution.

  • Marketing Services & Planning

    “Which one will fit you ?” :

    After doing my homework and having an idea about the challenges you face now in your marketing department, it’s time to choose which solution or service you need (Check them in the services section), let’s say you have low sales volume and no email list at all, the right service for you is “Marketing Campaigns Management” and “Marketing funnels”.

    The first service will allow you to start your first campaign in a specific platform where your audience is located, for example, we’re going to use “Facebook Ads” solution to target the right audience who are interested to your products/services.

    For the second service, we need to set up a funnel on your website to collect emails with the right hook.

    And finally, we will organize all the details as a plan of action for the next move.

  • Actions and Results

    “Money on the list !”

    Now it’s the time to start the right moves, starting the first campaign, getting the first euros and the first costumers.

    “Money on the list” is a famous phrase in marketing which means all the customer emails you have will bring you money with less investment and it’s an asset for your business.

    After the actions, you will start observing the importance of digital marketing, and it’s time to plan for a long term automated strategy that will bring the goal which is “Sales and happy customers”.


My Skills

Disclaimer : The skills below are only my skills that I experience the last 4 years, there is new field I'm in right now like 'Metaverse' and 'NFTs'







Website Creation (Html/CSS/Javascript Native/Php Native) - CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Youcan, Shopify)
Marketing (Facebook Advertising, Google Ad, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads, Amazon Ads, Planning & Planning)
Design (UX/UI of websites, Photoshop, Hand Drawing)
Database management (SQL server, PhpMyAdmin, Oracle)
Application of Management (C#, Java)


All my experiences are mentioned bellow beside my studies.

Professional Experiences and Freelancing

01/12/2019 - 01/12/2021 : as Full stack web developer at DFM Digital Agency (Enterprise IKFP) • 2019-2023 : Amazon.com seller:
    1. - KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing): work as a partner in the Amazon KDP marketplace, design low content book covers and interiors and sell them through Amazon Marekting Service for a commission.
    2. - MBA (Merch By Amazon): T-shirts design seller on Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk by Facebook ads manager and Amazon marketing service.
07/01/2018 - 08/01/2018 :  Internship (Bachelor Training) - Front-End web developer at ALMADA-ECOLE school. • Freelanceras web developer and designer on 99designs.com and mostaqel.com For 3 years. • Zazzle seller (Motivational Crown Brand). • Co-Founder of "DFM" an online digital agency DFMAGENCY.COMFounder of "LUXY" a bio-cosmetics cash on delivery business WWW.LUXY.MA Founder of a "Motivation Morocco", Moroccan motivational movement to motivate people and to help them get the right business mindset (Instagram: @motivation_morocco) +50 thousand subscribers. • Founder of "Bushcrafto" (NFT associated project) a digital Outdoor movement, especially a "Bushcraft" community to share outdoor knowledge and how to survive in nature (Instagram : Buschcrafto)

Studies and diplomas

2021-2022(In progress) : Master in Future marketing and communication at GBSB business school In Madrid-Spain.
2018-2019 : FEDE BACHELOR (development DEESINF-FEDE databases) PIGIER institution Nador-Morocco (European Bachelor FEDE)
2016-2018 : undergraduated (Specialized Technician IT Development) PIGIER institution Nador-Morocco.
• 100h in E-learning (Online course in Udemy.com web development and design)
2016 : Baccalaureate science and physics.
2018-2019 : 3 Success certificates for the three European FEDE modules:
- A1 : Europe, uniqueness of values, cultural diversity.
- A2 : European construction and its institutions within the international framework.
- A3 : Intercultural management and resources human.
2017 : 2 certificates by ICF (International Coching Federation):
- NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
- M-practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Recent Proejcts

Check one of the last projects that I've been finished and delivered for this year

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